Product Review: Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Product: Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant


Ok, so let's face it, there's nothing sexy about deodorant. In fact, it's one of those products you don't even realize you use until you forget to use it. Or the person next to you on the subway did.  But last week while watching CBS Sunday morning, I saw an interesting piece on the inventor of deodorant. Not only was she a woman, but in the early 1900's she marketed her new product in such a way that it made women think they were to be considered disgusting if they didn't use it. Some people were so offended, dear reader, that they even cancelled their magazine subscriptions. Seems like a crap way to market a product, but to her credit, deodorant has now become indispensable. And all of this got me thinking about my beloved Kiehl's deodorant, which I've been using for 20 years now. Because it's that good. 

Image courtesy of Kiehl'


Who it's good for: Women AND Men. My husbandf actually stole mine and has been using it ever since! 


Who it's not good for: People who want their armpits to smell like fruit or flowers

Overall grade: A+


What the company says: An unscented, gentle yet efficient anti–perspirant and deodorant cream. Leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and conditioned with 24–hour protection against sweat and odor. Reduces underarm perspiration utilizing advanced micro–sized drying molecules for sheer absorption with no residue. With our unique blend of ingredients, including orange, lemon, and linseed extracts, underarm hair will feel softer, resulting in a smoother shave experience

  • Fun fact: It comes in 2 sizes, small and Hot Flash

  • How to use: Squeeze the tube lightly and smooth this cream formula on every day right after you bathe. Be sure to give it a minute to dry before I put your clothing on, or run the risk of white streaks on your clothing. A little goes a long way.

  • What I say: I didn’t know it was possible to love a deodorant until I tried this stuff. Most other deodorants have heavy fragrances added that simply mask the scent of your essence. Add that to a crazy day of running around with 75 lbs of work gear, and you have the recipe for baby powder-scented funk. While this stuff has no fancy or frilly scents, it keeps me smelling and feeling clean through the most hectic of work days, which is important when you’re in other people’s personal space doing their makeup. While Kiehl’s makes no claims that this deodorant prevents ingrown hairs, I haven’t had one in years. And I’m not saying that I ever get lazy and miss showering for a day, but if I WAS admitting to that, I would tell you that this product was still working after 48 hours. In fact, I was once working on a film in a location so remote that I had to go three days without bathing. Did my hair look crazy? Yes. But did my underarms stink? Not a bit.  

Link to buy:,default,pd.html

New Year! Same You and that's OKAY!!!

Everyone who’s tired of this “New Year, New ME!” BS, raise your hands!

I am. The “New Year, New YOU!” marketing schticks are getting old. They’re used ad nauseum in gyms, beauty campaigns, spas, etc. #BARF. While on holiday break I was inundated with Stairmaster ads, gym commercials, those things you plug in and put on your stomach and it does all the working out for you. That actually looks sort of cool…

Before you hit the gym with all of the rest of the New Year hopefuls, don’t throw shade on what you’ve accomplished in 2014. You’ve survived 365 days of work, parenting to your (Human or Fur) babies, eating, overcoming obstacles, being a friend, and most of all GROWING! In 2015 let’s try not adding more things to our resolutions list that we know will be gone by the end of February. Let’s add to what we’ve already been working on in 2014. I’m sure you’re doing awesome. Can I get an AMEN? 

Here at Rachel we love us some beauty; skincare, makeup, some hair stuffs, all o’ dat and a bag of chips. But what we love most is celebrating you AND what makes you different. Everyone has something that makes them beautiful. Come as you are, bring all of your Louis Vuitton 2014 baggage with you.


Latia, Rachel, and everyone else at Rachel Lisa Makeup Artistry


Airbrush Makeup- Is It REALLY All That?

For years now, bridal magazines, photographers, YouTube 'gurus' and blogs have been touting airbrush makeup as a 'must have' for brides on their wedding days. Claims that it is a long-lasting, natural-looking foundation that makes your skin look like perfection have all brides clamoring for it, even to the extent where they will only hire a makeup artist that offer this technique. But as a professional makeup artist with almost 20 years of experience under my belt, I have seen the pros and cons of airbrush makeup. Here are my thoughts on the whole debate...

Airbrush makeup, while easy for a trained professional to apply, is not formula-specific for more than one skin type. So if my client has very oily or dry skin, it's not nearly as effective as a foundation that is made for those specific skin types. It won't control oil, and it won't hydrate dry skin. Also, if you have very textured or more mature skin, I find it has a tendency to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, effectively aging the client. Since it's only sprayed and not actually worked into the skin like a traditional foundation, it can initially look great, but then gravity takes it's toll, and, BAM, all of those textural tiny flaws in your skin really stand out. Anyone over 35, take note, and don't be offended if I try to steer you away from airbrush. I don't even use it on myself. 

Your skin itself, and this is a big factor...Makeup can cover color, but not texture. What does that mean? It means that if you suddenly get a zit the day before your wedding, we can cover the redness but the bump will still be there. If you have the slightest bit of facial hair, even baby fine, airbrush makeup can make it look more prominent than it is. So please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, take great care of your skin leading up to your big day. If you have acne, see a dermatologist. Flaky skin? Exfoliate and moisturize daily, even if you have oily skin. Peach fuzz? Own up to it and try dermaplaning to get rid of it. While we might seem like magical fairy godmothers with glitter, makeup artists are not a walking version of Photoshop. Give us a great canvas and we'll give you a great makeup. 

Maybe it's because I am old-school, but I often prefer to 'hand paint' my clients, even though it takes me longer than simply blasting a client's face with my Iwata compressor and gun. I carry an arsenal of different foundations in my kit, including Armani, Face Atelier, MAC, Urban Decay and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics which allows me to custom blend a foundation specifically for their skin type, coloring, and the effect they want, such as matte, natural or radiant finish. It also allows me to use the least amount of product necessary to get the coverage they want.  With the correct application technique, priming and finishing products, any foundation will give an 'airbrushed' or flawless appearance and should feel light on your skin. And as for the claim that airbrush makeup lasts all day?  Any experienced artist will have a treasure trove of primers and setting sprays that will make all of your makeup last for at least 12 hours! 

 Don't get me wrong- airbrush makeup, when properly applied, is great on certain clients! But when consulting with your makeup artist (Notice I said your makeup artist, not your wedding planner or BFF or Pinterest) about your wedding day makeup, ask them what your options are, and which one would suit your skin the best. Like your wedding itself, it's not a 'one size fits all' technique.

Complexion- RCMA Foundation applied in a stippling motion using a damp Beauty Blender

Complexion- RCMA Foundation applied in a stippling motion using a damp Beauty Blender


Product Review: Clean Brush Shampoo

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Be honest. Once a week? Once a month? A few times a YEAR? 

If you're a pro, you clean and sanitize them between every use. But every day I meet women asking how often they should clean their brushes, and what should they use? Dirty brushes can lead to bacteria, which can lead to breakouts or even eye infections. It's a vicious cycle, ladies. Stop it. 

Here's an almost vintage video of Sonia Roselli and myself playing with the amazing Clean Brush Shampoo.  Get yours at

Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge

 What It Is: Boscia describes their konjac sponge as : "A pillow-soft sponge made with natural, high-quality ingredients that cleanses and exfoliates to deliver smoother, softer, brighter-looking skin".  WTF is konjac you ask? Nothing more than a tree root, so you know it's not loaded with chemicals, parabens, or tested on animals. Japanese people have been using it in their beauty routines since the dawn of time, and let's face it, have you EVER seen a Japanese person with BAD skin? Nope. 

Where To Get It: $15 at

My Take:  I'm not going to lie, when I first saw these sponges circulating on the internet I assumed they were just a fancy Buff Puff (If you don't remember those, you're probably really young and I hate you). But I was wrong...the konjac sponge is much different, and not just another harsh way to remove dead skin. When you first take it out of the package, it's about the texture of a pumice stone. Get it wet and it turns into this pillowy-soft blob of amazingness. Of course every company wants you to use their cleanser, but I just used it with the Perricone I had one hand. Also let it be known that I exfoliate my face a LOT between my Clarisonic and other various gritty scrubs. But this thing got my face sooooo super clean it almost squeaked, without being harsh or scratchy feeling. There were also definitely some light exfoliation benefits, making this a great product for people with sensitive skin. I was super impressed. It also seems to make me need less of my cleanser, because any type of foaming cleanser I have used it with has gotten extra bubbly, and yet seems to rinse off easier.

The Bottom Line:  Will the Boscia sponge replace my Clarisonic? Heck no, but I'm pretty sure that extreme exfoliation isn't what it's meant for. But as far as everyday washing, it has won me over. No more washcloths or bare hands for me! 

Product Review: Olay Pro-X Micordermabrasion Advanced Cleansing System

Product: Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Advanced Cleansing System


Who it's good for:

- People who have never exfoliated

- People who don’t want to shell out $150+ for a Clarisonic


Who it's not good for:

- People who have been spoiled by their Clarisonic



Overall grade: C


What the company says:

Exfoliation is a critical step for revealing more youthful, brighter skin. The Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion System gives you these vivid results by removing the layers that life puts on. Up to twice a week, use the Microderm Setting with the microdermabrasion Foam Head and Thermal Crystal Polisher to exfoliate 7x better than our scrub alone. You'll help treat the appearance of imperfections, dull patches and surface discoloration for a visibly improved texture and a more even skin tone.

More than just for Microdermabrasion, this system can also be used for daily cleansing. Each speed setting lets you choose the precise level of facial cleansing you need each day. Use the slowest speed for lighter cleansing, or try the Advanced Cleansing Speed for a deep clean.


Fun facts: Olay is a P&G Product, the same people who make your Ivory Soap and Tide.


How to use: For everyday cleansing, use the brush head attachment. For deeper exfoliation, use the sponge head attachment. Spread the cleanser or exfoliating scrub on damp skin. Using circular movements, massage face for 60 seconds. Rinse skin with water.


What I say: I have a love-hate relationship with this product. While I love the sponge head and self-heating exfoliating scrub that comes in the box, this facial brush is seriously lacking in power. When you press it to your skin, the brush noticeably slows down from lack of motor power, leaving you to do most of the work manually. Also, it is not waterproof, and therefore can’t be kept in the shower, which for me means I’m going to forget to use it as much as I should.  This product is a good option for people that don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a Clarisonic, or aren't sticklers for hard-core exfoliation. If I had never used the Clarisonic, I might love this product overall...but I have, so I don’t.

Link to buy:

Now Offering Express Airbrush Tanning!

   If you know me, you know I am a TOTAL product snob...I want the best products available for myself and my clients.  And this includes my airbrush tanning services. 

   Just in time for Summer, I am super excited to announce that I am now offering express tanning services.  A typical airbrush tan needs to be left on your skin for 8-12 hours to fully develop. meaning you have to avoid any water, light clothing, heavy breathing, and life in general to protect the tan while it's working it's magic. With new my products and technology, you can now not only shower 30 minutes after your tan, but you can customize how deep your tan will get, depending on how long you leave it on! Thirty minutes for a light wash of color, 60 minutes for a medium tan, and 90 minutes for that "I spent the week in Hawaii glow". I can still guarantee zero orange color, and an even shade of brown that looks natural on all skin types. Even after showering off the solution, your tan will continue to develop, until it reaches it's full color around 8 hours after the solution is applied, meaning you can pop in for a spray in the morning and look bronzed and ready to go by dinner.  Wrinkles not included. 

 In addition, I now also carry an amazing line of skin care products from shower gel to lotions courtesy of the sunless tanning gurus at Aviva Labs that will extend the life of your tan 3-5 days, make your skin soft and supple, as well as helping your airbrush tan fade more evenly. Check out my new package rates for the express tanning to keep you tanning safely all year long. Because melanoma is so not hot! 

  • 1-$60
  • 2-$85
  • 4-$165
  • 6-$225
  • 10-$300

 Contact me now for bookings, these spots will fill up like crazy. And not only will you look healthier with a natural glow, a tan can actually make you look thinner..and I don't know anyone that doesn't like that. 

Who doesn't want more staying power? 

Who doesn't want more staying power? 

Neutral Vs. Natural

 It happens almost weekly- an awesome client comes in for a makeup consultation. We always begin with a Q&A session where I inquire about their skin, their typical makeup routine, and what they are wanting from me as far as their makeup application that day. So often I hear things like "I want it really natural, but I want my eyes to pop!". And then they show me inspiration pictures of looks that they like that most often resemble something like this: 

She doesn't exactly roll out of bed looking like that... 

 Now, while I think Kim K is a totally gorgeous woman, there is nothing natural about her makeup. She tends to like a very dramatic smoky crease, as well as that smoky liner underneath her lower lash line, as well as a dark liner in her waterline, which are two of the key elements of a dramatic look. In fact, it's a pretty well-known fact in the dark and secret underground of professional makeup artists that Kim's makeup generally takes 2-3 hours to apply, during which she typically dozes off or gets married. 

 So upon chatting further with my clients who do indeed like this look, (And I agree that it's gorgeous), what they are really meaning to say is "neutral makeup". A range of creams, golds, bronzes and browns....aka, earth tones. 

A more natural looking makeup application would look more like this: 

A standard natural, clean beauty look. Makeup by Rachel Lisa, photo by Kenneth Sweeney

  Also keep in mind that any makeup you are wearing that will be professionally photographed is going to lose at least 35% of it's 'oomph' depending on lighting. 

So what lesson have we learned today? Mainly that communication is key with your makeup artist. What I think is dramatic might be completely different than what you have in mind, so reference pictures are invaluable to us to get you the exact level of fabulousity you want. 



Destination Weddings and Makeup Artists

  So you have it all planned out to the smallest detail...a beautiful wedding deep in the mountains of Colorado or on the beach in Bali. The perfect destination wedding. But wait...who's going to do your hair and makeup? You have looked around for artists in the area of the wedding, but find nothing. Or even worse, the people you find have work that just isn't up to your standards. What's a gorgeous jet-setting bride to do? Well, you have a few options...grab your coffee, let's discuss. 

1- Take your makeup artist with you! No, really. Can I tell you how much I enjoy working on destination weddings? It's like a vacation, but there's work involved, so I can totally justify letting myself go out of town! (And yes, I do keep my passport current ;)  You still get to relax and know that you'll look super foxy, and your artist makes sure you have the best skincare, makeup, and setting products for the climate and overall mood of your big day. Every artist may differ in how their rates would apply for something like this. Some may charge you a full day rate for every day, including travel days, while some might say "Hey, pay for my trip and feed me and we'll call it even". Most are somewhere in between the two. Regardless what rates and services you decide and agree upon, be sure that you have a signed contract for what you expect of your artist on what days of the trip. Just because you may have your artist travelling with you, do not assume that they are cool with doing your aunt's cousin's daughter's makeup 3 times a day, every day, unless this was what you agreed upon. 


2- Hire a local makeup artist whose work you like to give you a series of wedding-specific makeup lessons. Whether you are good at doing your own makeup or completely clueless, it's important to know that there is a huge different between everyday makeup and bridal makeup. Not only the look, but the application and amounts. Lighting and environment can make a huge impact on how your makeup actually photographs vs. how it look in person. Not to mention direction on what kinds of products and tools you will need to purchase. Most makeup artists will also be willing to make you a face chart to take with you, so you are more easily able to replicate the exact look you decide upon on the day of your wedding.

Cincinnati photographer Lauren DiFulvio and her DIY bridal makeup after our lessons together. It makes me so proud! 


So how do you decide which option is the right one for you? Some things to consider are: 

  • Lifestyle - Are you typically a more natural girl that doesn't wear makeup? If so, the investment that you will make on lessons, products, and brushes might not be up your alley. But if you enjoy wearing makeup, it could be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. When Cincinnati photographer Lauren DiFulvio contacted me about giving her bridal makeup lessons, it was a match made in heaven. Lauren loved makeup, and wanted to be more knowledgeable on application for every day and work purposes. All told, between our time together and her makeup/skincare purchases, Lauren invested around $1,800. She now has a makeup kit that rivals my own personal stash! 
  • Confidence- When it comes to doing your own makeup, are you a nervous wreck? Is putting mascara on a surefire way to poke yourself in the eye? Some people just don't have the hand/eye coordination it takes to do really great makeup on themselves. Or perhaps your are farsighted or have shaky hands. Nothing to be ashamed of, just be honest with yourself and then make the best decision for you. 
  • Mood-  On your wedding day, is doing your own makeup something you even want to worry about? Do you want to feel pampered and spoiled and relaxed? What about the days before and after the wedding- will there be other events that you'd like to look amazing for? If so, then you probably want to consider hiring your artist to come with you. Look, even though I can do some pretty killer makeup on myself, you can bet your Spanx that I will be hiring someone to do my makeup the day I get married. Why? Because that's the one day in your life that it's all about you! And on that, I fully intend to take advantage. 
  • Budget- Money, of course, is always a factor. But whichever route you choose, please choose your artist wisely. If the artist you really want is $50 outside of your planned budget, take a step back and decide if saving that $50 and going with a different artist is worth it.  I once heard a photographer say, "A $50 makeup artist can ruin thousands of dollars worth of pictures", and I couldn't agree more.  




Tattoos and Brides...To Cover or Not to Cover?

A lot of brides struggle with the idea on whether or not to have their makeup artist cover their tattoos for their big day.  Some more so than others, depending on how much alcohol and Spring Breaky-ness was involved when they got said tattoo. There are a few things to take into account when weighing the pros with the cons. When done properly, tattoo coverage can look pretty good. When done incorrectly, you can end up looking like you have a week-old bruise. As someone with a lot of artwork myself (some great, and some that screams 'OMG, I just turned 18!), I can see both sides of the argument. 

Somethings to consider: 

  • Where is your tattoo located? Is it on an area where your dress or shoe might rub? Even the best makeup can't stand up to hard core friction without beginning to look like a crumbled mess, not to mention getting all over that gorgeous Vera Wang. 
  • How large is your tattoo? If you have a massive back piece, covering something that large could be very costly, as most bridal makeup artists charge by the square inch. Also, maybe you want the focus to be on you and that really expensive dress, not your ink. 
  • Is your tattoo controversial or overtly sexy? While you might really love that nude portrait you got of a reclining Joe Biden, is it really something you want future in-laws to see possibly the first time you are meeting them? While it kind of sucks, some people WILL judge you for things like that. Like it or not, it's the truth. 
  • How experienced is your makeup artist, and what kinds of products will they be using? If your makeup artist doesn't carry tattoo-specific makeup in their kit, you could end up with a runny mess by the end of a hot day. Grill your potential artist on these questions and ask to see examples of past work. Make sure you have a trial done before the actual wedding day. 
  • Are you willing to shave that area? No, really. Even baby fine and blonde hairs will be amplified by makeup. 

World's Easiest DIY Lip Scrub

   Whether it's coming off a super cold winter, or a blistering hot day in the summer, all of us can get flaky lips from time to time.  And as a makeup artist, believe you me, nothing will ruin the look of a cute pink gloss or a dramatic red lip like crust, dead skin parked on your pucker.  While I am typically not into the whole DIY thing, I have found that paying $25 for a lip scrub that I'll probably forget I even own isn't my bag. I clutched my face in desperation and thought, "There has to be a better way!". So I got my Italian butt into the kitchen, dug around my cabinets , and this is what I came up with. A lip scrub that is so easy, it only took me about 3 minutes to make, use, and love. 


What you'll need:

  •  Oil-You can use grapeseed, castor, or almond, but I went with my catch-all oil of choice, Olive.  I just sort of assumed that corn oil would leave a taste reminiscent of fried chicken. 
  • Sugar- While I'm sure white sugar would be fine, I went with brown sugar for it's extra 'rough' factor for exfoliating. Not only does sugar have the obvious scrubbing properties of sand, it also acts as a chemical exfoliant, meaning it can help get rid of dead cells too small to even see or feel.  
  • Flavoring Extract- This is totally optional, but I decided to add some peppermint extract for some kick
-"Hey, sweetie!" -"Well, aren't YOU slick?" 

-"Hey, sweetie!"
-"Well, aren't YOU slick?" 

 Next, simply combine your above ingredients in a ceramic bowl, making sure to thoroughly smash up the sugar, leaving no big lumps. I found the ratio of 1:1 parts of oil and sugar to give me the exact texture that I wanted. Still nice and grainy, but with enough oil to actually add some slip and moisturizing properties to my scrub.  I used about a teaspoon of each, plus one drop of peppermint extract. 

That sugar didn't stand a chance...

That sugar didn't stand a chance...

   Once you have all of your ingredients thoroughly beaten, simply smear it all over your kisser, making sure to use repeated circular motions to sweep off that nasty coating of dead skin. After a good 30 seconds of scrubbing, wipe off excess, leaving the oil behind  to help hydrate your lips. Lastly finish with some good lip balm to soothe and protect your lips, and you're done! 

 One last thing...if chronic dry lips/skin is something that plagues you, be sure you'r drinking enough water, but also try adding a fish oil supplement to your diet. It works from the inside out, and has a million other added benefits that google or your doctor can tell you about. But what do I know, I'm just a makeup artist...with really soft lips! 



Cincinnati Brides- Before and After Makeup

  When I initially met Sarah Linneman for her bridal makeup trial, she had very fair skin and dark hair. By the time her wedding rolled around, she had added some gorgeous highlights to her hair and had gotten some healthy color with an airbrush tan. Those changes inspired me to switch her initial lipstick choice from a bright fuchsia to a warmer brick red. Luckily she was on board for anything and trusted me to make these last minute adjustments, and we both agreed her results were beautiful! I love a bold lip on a bride, it looks amazing in pictures, and a really adds a sophisticated Red Carpet vibe to your look. 

  For this lip look, we used my Luxury Lipstick in Dita. Get yours here:

My New YouTube Channel!

 Big news! By request of so many friends and clients, I have started a YouTube channel, where I will be doing tons of videos on everything beauty! Product reviews, proper tools for the job, makeup tutorials, contests, and even descriptions of the products in my new makeup line. If you know me, you know that almost nothing is off-limits, and I don't embarrass easily, so I will share it all with you guys, from artistry to zits! Also, feel free to email me with video topic requests. Be sure to subscribe below, and share with your friends!



Behind The Makeup


So why my own makeup line? Several reasons- first of all, if you have ever worked with me, you know that my makeup kit is filled with several different  brands, from NARS, to MAC, to Laura Mercier. Each line had their products that I adored, but when it came time to do a makeup lesson, clients were getting confused about to which brand and product to use for what. So I decided there had to be a way to streamline all of my favorite products into one Pro MUA and 'civilian'-friendly line....the high pigment level of  Nars, the customizeable palettes of MAC, the flawless skin of Laura Mercier, the HD-capabilities of Make Up For Ever.   Also, long term I seek world domination as a professional makeup artist. Or, just the ability to travel and educate people- that's what really makes me happy.  Since my first job as an artist was for Prescriptives where I would custom-blend women's foundation and powder every day, I knew it was possible. Now, do I have a chemist and manufacturing lab in my kitchen? Of course not! But what I DO have is the exact same chemists and manufacturers that work for these high end brands which allow me to create my own colors and tweak formulas to my specifications, allowing me to cultivate what I feel to be one of the best collections of colors and products. Oh, and no testing on animals! I have been doing research and development for many of these same lines for years, so the transition was easy for me. I am very proud f it, and hope you will love everything as much as I do! 

Where to buy it: Currently my products are available by appointment in my makeup studio, and of course right here online, at But there are bigger and even better things on the horizon, so stay tuned! And if you're looking for a last minute gift for a special girl, I have several gift options hand selected and ready to go! 

I will be posting subsequent blogs about each product to help familiarize you with them, as well as possible discounts and gift-with-purchase deals. Make sure you subscribe to my blog and don't miss anything awesome!  So here it is...and I hope you love it like I do- Rachel Lisa: The Makeup!

This month's focus product is: *drumroll, please*

Secret Weapon Seamless Powder Foundation: 

No Filter Needed! Baked Hydrating Powder Foundation delivers an undetectable, soft sateen finish with buildable coverage that helps to diffuse the appearance of skin imperfections, while moisturizing technology improves skin hydration levels. Used alone or over a liquid foundation, this advanced weightless formula disappears into the skin, improving the overall texture and color of your complexion. The result is a naturally flawless finish that lasts for hours. Hypoallergenic, fragrance and paraben-free. Not tested on animals. Can also be used as a touch-up powder to keep your face looking fresh all day. Perfect for all skin types. Pro Tip: For fuller coverage, apply with a sponge.  Available in Fair, Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Deep, and Deep.

December Special: Buy one Seamless Powder Foundation, and get a complimentary sample of my Reteturizing Primer and 3 shades of my new Secret Weapon HD Balm foundation. 

FREE FULL-SIZE Lock and Load Mascara with every purchase of $175 or more, while supplies last. 



Awesome Holiday Gifts! (Or any reason, really!)

Looking for an awesome gift for a special woman in your life? How about a private makeup lesson with Rachel or one of her other talented artists? We are proud to have recently been featured on - read more here! We now offer gift certificates- try giving one with an empty makeup palette for your special someone to bring and fill with their own custom colors during their session! 

Welcome, Cincinnati!

     I am crazy excited to introduce all of you to my new website, studio, and makeup line! I am so happy with the look of the site, and the benefits that will make contacting me and my team of artists so easy! Also note, there are links on the bottom of each page so you can follow me on twitter, facebook, and pinterest! 

  Also new, you will see that I have expanded my business to include a team of some of Cincinnati's finest makeup artists. While I have tried cloning myself, it just wasn't panning out as planned. So I have decided to make sure Cincinnati's brides can have access to even MORE awesome artists when they book through my company! I will have individual blog posts coming about them individually, soon, I promise!  

 The new studio space is in Covington, and the positive response has been overwhelming. It's modern, feminine, and just plain gorgeous. I'll be hosting an open house soon, once the makeup line is ready to launch, so stay tuned! 

  Speaking of the makeup line- I couldn't be MORE excited! It's sexy, luxurious, and all photo-friendly, so when you buy your makeup from me, you can be sure it will look great in pictures as well as in person. I have been consulting with the same chemists that make great brands like Laura Mercier, MAC, NARS, and many other high end brands. Basically, it's like I have pulled all of my favorite products from each line I love, and put it all in one place. From now on, when you schedule a lesson with me, or book me for your wedding makeup, it's what I will be using. I hope you all love it as much as I do! 

   Here's a sneak peak of my packaging... 

XOXO- Rachel