Best of the Beat in Your 20’s

Best of the Beat

Best of the Beat is the start of my series on the best of the best products for every age! Inspired by a friend who asked about the best products as she enters a new decade in life, I've decided to compile all the goodies in one little happy place. :)

Best of the Beat in your 20's

Why is it that when I talk to friends and clients about what they use on their skin, they slump their shoulders down, the look to the floor, and they quietly recite their skin care (or lack thereof) routine? My guess is that someone knows that they could be making better skin care choices but they are knowingly not. It’s like eating the last Girl Scout cookie even though you said you wouldn't. Or blaming the missing ice cream on your husband. Or taking three sips of wine at communion rather than the one. You know you could do better. But after a case of “IDGAF anymore” you just don’t. And that’s okay. You probably don’t know any better. I know I didn't. When managing a makeup counter in my early 20’s I got a crash course in skin care from my buddies over at Kiehl's. I fell in love with their products and their sale philosophy. Yes, they’re a business. Yes, they want to make sales. But really educating their employees on their product line and skin care in general is what I felt like set them apart from all of the other counters. They will hand out samples relentlessly. And openly accepted returns. Why? Because you are not going to see a change in your skin overnight. It’ll take at least 4-6 weeks to see a turnaround in your skin. Why? You gotta shed them layers, girrllll!

After my rant about the importance of skin care, let me also make a quick disclaimer: I am not an esthetician.  I know a good bit about skin care from being a professional working makeup artist but for specific questions, feel free to ask and I’ll get more info from my esthetician buddies. But until then, let’s start with a few of my favorite skin care basics for those gals in your 20’s. This is a excellent time to start laying the groundwork for a great skin care routine and doing a little preventative maintenance. Oh and, PUT YO’ SUNSCREEN ON, Y’ALL.



No Zit Sherlock: Starter Kit by Bliss was my FAVORITE acne killer kit that I’d tried. And I have BP Oil Spill Oily Skin, so I’ve tried EVERYTHING. It comes complete with cleanser, medicated serum, and moisturizer. I thought something was wrong when my skin wasn’t tight and dried up after I used the cleanser but everything else was stripping my skin. I lerve itttttt. I want to marry it. I want to have it’s babies. I have my acne under control but I keep a bit on standby in case I get a flare up.

We know I LOVE me some Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion. It’s oil free, paraben free, fragrance free, everything nasty free. It doesn’t have sunscreen in it, which is okay with me. For day to day use, I wear a tinted moisturizer with a sunscreen in it. So I’m covered there. It doesn’t leave a greasy finish and a wee bit goes a long way. Basically, it’s my boo.


Peeling over because they didn't start their skincare routine in their 20's...

Peeling over because they didn't start their skincare routine in their 20's...

This stuff doesn't exactly dry and then peel so you'll want to lay a towel down over your pillow and let this stuff work its magica!

This stuff doesn't exactly dry and then peel so you'll want to lay a towel down over your pillow and let this stuff work its magica!

When I think of “peel” I always think of that scene in Death Becomes Her where the lady actually PEEEELLLS her skin off! I was so afraid of peels. But this peel is amazingly gentle and you will wake with renewed virginal skin. I used it a couple of times a week: OverNight Biological Peel


When I leave the house sans makeup, I do wear the sunscreens. Even with olive oily skin, I wear sunscreen. Black don’t crack. But it sure as hell is as susceptible to skin cancers, wrinkling, and burning as everyone else’s skin. I likey the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. It’s affordable, it’s SPF 15, and if I run out, I can run to the drug store and re-up on another bottle very quickly.  Slather it on, run out the door, and get on with pretending like you’re going to go to the gym but never end up going.


Eye cream, you cream, we all cream for eye cream...I love the Avocado Eye Cream fanciness from Kiehl's. Obviously don’t use if you’re allergic to avocados. And don’t try turning this into guac. But do take a little (and I do mean little) dab of this and pat pat pat it beneath your eyes. And let absorb. Oh man, if you’re extra puffy, keep it in the fridge for quick relief. For a few minutes, I pretend I’m at a spa.



Yes, yes. The makeup. That’ll be the next post. Get your skin right, first and then we’ll chat. If you have any specific questions, again, feel free to ask! If there are enough questions, I’ll throw them into one big long Q&A for the blogity blog. :) Let's engage in some skincare and makeup Q&A and some mildly inappropriate jokes. 

Peace, Love, and When the HELL is Shondaland coming back!?