New Year! Same You and that's OKAY!!!

Everyone who’s tired of this “New Year, New ME!” BS, raise your hands!

I am. The “New Year, New YOU!” marketing schticks are getting old. They’re used ad nauseum in gyms, beauty campaigns, spas, etc. #BARF. While on holiday break I was inundated with Stairmaster ads, gym commercials, those things you plug in and put on your stomach and it does all the working out for you. That actually looks sort of cool…

Before you hit the gym with all of the rest of the New Year hopefuls, don’t throw shade on what you’ve accomplished in 2014. You’ve survived 365 days of work, parenting to your (Human or Fur) babies, eating, overcoming obstacles, being a friend, and most of all GROWING! In 2015 let’s try not adding more things to our resolutions list that we know will be gone by the end of February. Let’s add to what we’ve already been working on in 2014. I’m sure you’re doing awesome. Can I get an AMEN? 

Here at Rachel we love us some beauty; skincare, makeup, some hair stuffs, all o’ dat and a bag of chips. But what we love most is celebrating you AND what makes you different. Everyone has something that makes them beautiful. Come as you are, bring all of your Louis Vuitton 2014 baggage with you.


Latia, Rachel, and everyone else at Rachel Lisa Makeup Artistry