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Product Review: Clean Brush Shampoo

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Be honest. Once a week? Once a month? A few times a YEAR? 

If you're a pro, you clean and sanitize them between every use. But every day I meet women asking how often they should clean their brushes, and what should they use? Dirty brushes can lead to bacteria, which can lead to breakouts or even eye infections. It's a vicious cycle, ladies. Stop it. 

Here's an almost vintage video of Sonia Roselli and myself playing with the amazing Clean Brush Shampoo.  Get yours at www.cleanbrushes.com


Now Offering Express Airbrush Tanning!

   If you know me, you know I am a TOTAL product snob...I want the best products available for myself and my clients.  And this includes my airbrush tanning services. 

   Just in time for Summer, I am super excited to announce that I am now offering express tanning services.  A typical airbrush tan needs to be left on your skin for 8-12 hours to fully develop. meaning you have to avoid any water, light clothing, heavy breathing, and life in general to protect the tan while it's working it's magic. With new my products and technology, you can now not only shower 30 minutes after your tan, but you can customize how deep your tan will get, depending on how long you leave it on! Thirty minutes for a light wash of color, 60 minutes for a medium tan, and 90 minutes for that "I spent the week in Hawaii glow". I can still guarantee zero orange color, and an even shade of brown that looks natural on all skin types. Even after showering off the solution, your tan will continue to develop, until it reaches it's full color around 8 hours after the solution is applied, meaning you can pop in for a spray in the morning and look bronzed and ready to go by dinner.  Wrinkles not included. 

 In addition, I now also carry an amazing line of skin care products from shower gel to lotions courtesy of the sunless tanning gurus at Aviva Labs that will extend the life of your tan 3-5 days, make your skin soft and supple, as well as helping your airbrush tan fade more evenly. Check out my new package rates for the express tanning to keep you tanning safely all year long. Because melanoma is so not hot! 

  • 1-$60
  • 2-$85
  • 4-$165
  • 6-$225
  • 10-$300

 Contact me now for bookings, these spots will fill up like crazy. And not only will you look healthier with a natural glow, a tan can actually make you look thinner..and I don't know anyone that doesn't like that. 

Who doesn't want more staying power? 

Who doesn't want more staying power? 

Neutral Vs. Natural

 It happens almost weekly- an awesome client comes in for a makeup consultation. We always begin with a Q&A session where I inquire about their skin, their typical makeup routine, and what they are wanting from me as far as their makeup application that day. So often I hear things like "I want it really natural, but I want my eyes to pop!". And then they show me inspiration pictures of looks that they like that most often resemble something like this: 

She doesn't exactly roll out of bed looking like that... 

 Now, while I think Kim K is a totally gorgeous woman, there is nothing natural about her makeup. She tends to like a very dramatic smoky crease, as well as that smoky liner underneath her lower lash line, as well as a dark liner in her waterline, which are two of the key elements of a dramatic look. In fact, it's a pretty well-known fact in the dark and secret underground of professional makeup artists that Kim's makeup generally takes 2-3 hours to apply, during which she typically dozes off or gets married. 

 So upon chatting further with my clients who do indeed like this look, (And I agree that it's gorgeous), what they are really meaning to say is "neutral makeup". A range of creams, golds, bronzes and browns....aka, earth tones. 

A more natural looking makeup application would look more like this: 

A standard natural, clean beauty look. Makeup by Rachel Lisa, photo by Kenneth Sweeney

  Also keep in mind that any makeup you are wearing that will be professionally photographed is going to lose at least 35% of it's 'oomph' depending on lighting. 

So what lesson have we learned today? Mainly that communication is key with your makeup artist. What I think is dramatic might be completely different than what you have in mind, so reference pictures are invaluable to us to get you the exact level of fabulousity you want.