Tattoo coverage with makeup

Tattoos and Brides...To Cover or Not to Cover?

A lot of brides struggle with the idea on whether or not to have their makeup artist cover their tattoos for their big day.  Some more so than others, depending on how much alcohol and Spring Breaky-ness was involved when they got said tattoo. There are a few things to take into account when weighing the pros with the cons. When done properly, tattoo coverage can look pretty good. When done incorrectly, you can end up looking like you have a week-old bruise. As someone with a lot of artwork myself (some great, and some that screams 'OMG, I just turned 18!), I can see both sides of the argument. 

Somethings to consider: 

  • Where is your tattoo located? Is it on an area where your dress or shoe might rub? Even the best makeup can't stand up to hard core friction without beginning to look like a crumbled mess, not to mention getting all over that gorgeous Vera Wang. 
  • How large is your tattoo? If you have a massive back piece, covering something that large could be very costly, as most bridal makeup artists charge by the square inch. Also, maybe you want the focus to be on you and that really expensive dress, not your ink. 
  • Is your tattoo controversial or overtly sexy? While you might really love that nude portrait you got of a reclining Joe Biden, is it really something you want future in-laws to see possibly the first time you are meeting them? While it kind of sucks, some people WILL judge you for things like that. Like it or not, it's the truth. 
  • How experienced is your makeup artist, and what kinds of products will they be using? If your makeup artist doesn't carry tattoo-specific makeup in their kit, you could end up with a runny mess by the end of a hot day. Grill your potential artist on these questions and ask to see examples of past work. Make sure you have a trial done before the actual wedding day. 
  • Are you willing to shave that area? No, really. Even baby fine and blonde hairs will be amplified by makeup.