olay pro-x review

Product Review: Olay Pro-X Micordermabrasion Advanced Cleansing System

Product: Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Advanced Cleansing System


Who it's good for:

- People who have never exfoliated

- People who don’t want to shell out $150+ for a Clarisonic


Who it's not good for:

- People who have been spoiled by their Clarisonic



Overall grade: C


What the company says:

Exfoliation is a critical step for revealing more youthful, brighter skin. The Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion System gives you these vivid results by removing the layers that life puts on. Up to twice a week, use the Microderm Setting with the microdermabrasion Foam Head and Thermal Crystal Polisher to exfoliate 7x better than our scrub alone. You'll help treat the appearance of imperfections, dull patches and surface discoloration for a visibly improved texture and a more even skin tone.

More than just for Microdermabrasion, this system can also be used for daily cleansing. Each speed setting lets you choose the precise level of facial cleansing you need each day. Use the slowest speed for lighter cleansing, or try the Advanced Cleansing Speed for a deep clean.


Fun facts: Olay is a P&G Product, the same people who make your Ivory Soap and Tide.


How to use: For everyday cleansing, use the brush head attachment. For deeper exfoliation, use the sponge head attachment. Spread the cleanser or exfoliating scrub on damp skin. Using circular movements, massage face for 60 seconds. Rinse skin with water.


What I say: I have a love-hate relationship with this product. While I love the sponge head and self-heating exfoliating scrub that comes in the box, this facial brush is seriously lacking in power. When you press it to your skin, the brush noticeably slows down from lack of motor power, leaving you to do most of the work manually. Also, it is not waterproof, and therefore can’t be kept in the shower, which for me means I’m going to forget to use it as much as I should.  This product is a good option for people that don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a Clarisonic, or aren't sticklers for hard-core exfoliation. If I had never used the Clarisonic, I might love this product overall...but I have, so I don’t.

Link to buy: http://www.olay.com/skin-care-products/olay-professional/Olay%20Pro-X%20Microdermabrasion%20Plus%20Advanced%20Cleansing%20System?pid=00075609191862