Book a lesson now and learn to do your makeup like a pro

Book a lesson now and learn to do your makeup like a pro


Great makeup in your personal arsenal doesn't guarantee a professionally finished look, and with all of the options out there, a trip to the makeup counter can be truly overwhelming, not to mention the risk you run of getting 'the new girl' as your artist! Here's the good news: we're here to help. 

In these lessons, we'll show you the products, tools, and techniques the pros have been using and keeping to themselves for decades. Using makeup for your specific skin type along with facial structure, anatomy, color theory, and a little magic, you'll look your flawless best every day, as well as for special events. Also, we'll send you home with a custom-made face chart so you can easily recreate what we taught you. Bring your personal makeup kit, and be ready for our professional product recommendations direct from Rachel's exclusive makeup and brush line. 

Bonus - you’ll look better in pictures, too! Because who hasn't had a horrible picture of themselves posted on Facebook?

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