Best Basal Thermometer

Women In Control Of Their Fertility

Welcome! This is a page that seeks to create awareness in the Spanish-speaking world about reproductive health with a holistic approach. Whether you are looking for a pregnancy, or you intend to avoid getting pregnant naturally, I will offer you the necessary training so that you have the knowledge of your body that will allow you to know when you are fertile and when you are not . We grow up with the idea that women can get pregnant every day of their cycle, this is not true. The Synth-thermal method allows you as a woman to take control of your fertility without having to resort to synthetic hormones and their side effects.

I invite you to start a dialogue with your body, this discipline will accompany you throughout your life and will allow you to be in control of your fertility.

Which Basal Thermometer Should I Buy?

If what you want is to have more peace of mind when interpreting your cycles, then you want to monitor your basal temperature . And for that purpose there are basal thermometers.

A basal thermometer will give you readings of your temperature much more sensitive and accurate than a conventional thermometer that they sell in pharmacies, and that record when we are feverish. We want it to be basal because the change between pre-ovulatory and post-ovulatory temperatures can be as tiny as 0.2 degrees Celsius.

If among your plans is to enter the path to Conscious Fertility and to be able to recognize what happens with your cycles, then you will have to acquire a good basal thermometer. And before you go running to invest in super technology, let me tell you that the Daysy thermometer I do not recommend , since this device, in addition to recording your temperature, aims to disconnect you from your body and your records of other biomarkers, making you dependent on its technology that is nothing more than an algorithm that carries its risks if what you want is to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.  Read my full article on this topic.

Ok, having clarified this point, I want to recommend three thermometers that in the world of Fertility Awareness experts we can recognize as the most effective.

This will always be my first option as it is the one recommended to me at the “”Justisse College”” institute. Highly sensitive to temperature and with a reading that is saved until the end of the day, when you have to record your other biomarkers. It is my choice and I have used it for almost three years. It is left in place for ten minutes and voila, you can do your activities for the day, without the need to register it immediately, as it remains registered until it is “”shaken”” again.

I have heard from some colleagues who have broken, this could be a disadvantage if you are not careful to store it in its case: it is glass. But in case it does break, don’t worry, it ‘s mercury free . The cost is around $ 50USD.

The great benefit of this thermometer is that if your hands are very slippery and you are afraid that the glass may break, it is comfortable, resistant to falls and has a data memory with everything and its date. It has an alarm so it could also be your new alarm. Highly recommended for those who have small children at home, as it is not easy for them to access the device that is stored in a box and the battery compartment is also difficult to open. Remember to heat for 9 minutes and then turn it on at minute 9 so that you have a total of 10 minutes in place. The cost is around $ 60USD.

This is a digital thermometer that features an LCD display and flexible tip and is waterproof. Practical and easy to take with you on trips and short walks. Highly recommended for those who have young children at home. Remember to heat for 9 minutes and then turn it on at minute 9 so that you have a total of 10 minutes in place. The cost is around $ 90USD.

This is a highly technological thermometer. It is put on the upper arm, as a bracelet, and you go to sleep. Let’s say that with this thermometer you won’t have to worry about having a good night and deep sleep. What it does is take your temperature several times during the night and you will have the most accurate result in terms of its algorithm. The cost is around $ 250USD and you will have to wait for the correct shipment to your country. I have never used it but it is the best option for those who have small children or are breastfeeding, for example, and whose life prevents them from having a deep night’s sleep.