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Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

You have come to the right place if you want to know what are the 10 essential kitchen Cookware for your kitchen . We will also tell you where you can buy them online with a discount

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Kitchen Cookware From The Best Brands

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

The frying pan is undoubtedly one of the essential kitchen utensils. Use the code “soylecuiner” to apply a 5% discount on your purchase. Choose the kitchen Cookware you want to take home from the list of 10 essentials that we propose here

Kitchen Cookware exist thousands and for all kinds of uses. If you want to start equipping your kitchen, you should know the list of Cookware that are in a kitchen (or that there should be) to be able to carry out daily preparations with efficiency and comfort.

The basic kitchen Cookware in which all of us should invest, once or little by little, in order to have a complete kitchen. With this list we intend to offer you all the kitchen Cookware that you should have.

The Cookware presented here are selected for the use of an average Spanish or Latin American home, for the type of average family and the most common preparations in our kitchens and are not a selection of professional kitchen utensils.

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Avoid buying cheap kitchen utensils, of poor quality, because as we say in Spain no one sells hard at four pesetas. Once you have your list of selected kitchen utensils, try to buy them at the best price, of course, but always choose quality.

5 Advantages Of Choosing Quality Kitchen Cookware Online:

Kitchen Utensils, List Of 10 Essentials

From experience in the store we have put together this list of kitchen basics so that you can evaluate their order of priority if you are evaluating buying 10 basic kitchen Cookware :

As a general rule, we will propose high quality kitchen Cookware so that you can invest once and can enjoy them for years.

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Pans The Basic For Daily Use

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Having a couple of good pans is essential for day to day. You must choose the appropriate diameter to be able to cook for the people you are at home. Normally one of them will be smaller to use as an auxiliary or to use when you are less at home. If you want to choose well and invest just once, I recommend the Woll pans, which are our best-selling pans, or their cheapest version, the Eaziglide pans.

Another option is the ecological frying pans, free of non-stick, with a lifetime guarantee. These may have a higher initial cost but the advantage is that they will last you decades. In this case, we recommend choosing Cristel French pans made of the best kitchen steel, totally ecological and professional.

Choose Your Pans Here

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Kitchen Knives: Your Best Allies

Having good kitchen knives is essential to be able to cut the food to be prepared with precision and safety. The basic knives that every kitchen needs are two: a chef’s or chef’s knife and a peeler or lace knife.

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Our recommendation is this set of Wusthof knives that includes a sharpener so that you can regularly maintain the edge at home. These knives are of excellent quality and very good price.

Hygiene, Comfort And Food Safety Cutting Board

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Although they are not as famous as other utensils, the cutting board is essential for daily kitchen work: it makes it easier for you to cut large pieces of meat, poultry or vegetables and protects the edge of knives. It is advisable to use more than one to avoid the transfer of bacteria from one food to another. They are made of wood or plastic and you must take care of the cleanliness of the table. Our recommendation for kitchen boards here .

Saucepan: To Heat Sauces Or Small Preparations

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Although it seems essential, having a good saucepan in the kitchen is essential: it can be useful for various daily tasks: preparing sauces, soups, even fresh pasta in small quantities. A stainless steel saucepan may be your best option, like this one . We chose steel because we do not consider a non-stick coating necessary for a saucepan,

Pots And Pans: For Boiling And Cooking

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

The pots are essential for the preparation of stews, pasta, pieces of meat, vegetables, even steaming. Like everything, you must choose the pots and pans of the right capacities for your home. Choose the size of your pot, as we have said for pans, based on the number of people who eat with you regularly. For one person a diameter of 20 cm will suffice, for more choose 24 or 28 cm. diameter.


Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Having a good quality grater that does not rust or lose cutting power will allow you to prepare salads, grate vegetables, cheese, chocolate, etc. Our choice has been the Microplane brand , you have several models to choose the one you like the most. It is a basic, essential, to be able to prepare your food in a timely manner.

There are also 4-sided graters that combine various thicknesses or types of cut like this one, super complete, also from Microplane .

Strainer Essential!

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

A must for pasta or boiled vegetables. Our choice is always for a stainless steel one like this one since it lasts much longer than a plastic one.

Spoon, Spatula And Tongs

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Essential accessories to work with comfort, precision and safety. If someone has already designed the right utensils, why not use them? The essentials: tweezers and spatula . In addition, in this section, you could have some tongs for the meat or vegetables.

A Peeler To Make Your Task Easier

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

A quality peeler greatly speeds up work, for example with potatoes, cucumbers or other vegetables. A ceramic one, for example, will keep the edge much longer and will not oxidize the food. The Japanese from Kyocera are the most recommended in our experience.

A Salad And Serving Bowl

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

Preparing and serving a salad in a bowl is essential. We recommend ceramic ones, not porous, so that they do not smell or taste in the preparations. In this section, those from Le Creuset take the cake: functional, with good materials and aesthetically premium.

An Oil Can, Essential Kitchen Utensil In Spain

Essential Kitchen Utensils, Which Ones To Choose?

In a Mediterranean country like ours, olive oil is used daily both for frying and for dressing. An adjustable oil can allows you to dose the oil at the exact point you want. Cole & Mason’s are our favorites for their quality, aesthetics and good price.

Have You Selected Your Utensils? Here You Can Get Them

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And remember: always choose Cookware with a guarantee and a recognized brand that in the long run you will save a lot of money and make sure that they meet the health criteria recognized in the European Union.